Printer Copier does not work?


Printer - Copier does not work?

1. Ensure all power cables are connected correctly.
Check all power indicator lights if there are any at all or if there are any flashing there is a problem which should be addressed.
2. Turn printer off and turn on after a few minutes.
Try restarting the printer if the device has a problem in its memory this will usually clear it.
3. Check for paper jam if so try and remove paper if possible
Try removing the paper carefully so as not to leave any pieces in the device the machine will usually have instructions on it as to how this is done.
4. Check ink if empty replace if needed
The screen will display an error if the cartridges need replacing.
5. Open and shut all doors in the printer
This will allow any printer jams or similar problems to be addresses and fixed.
6. Request Service - Click Here and one of our friendly staff will be in contact with you shortly.

How to print a test page
To print a test page a machine will allow the user to distinguish the difference between a faulty device and a machine which can print out a page. There are two different approaches to printing out a test page the first is to print one from the device, usually accomplished by holding down a few buttons. The manufacturers website should show you how to do this (each device is different).
Windows users can also print out a test page simply by following the below steps:

1. Click “Start”
2. Click “Control Panel”
3. Open “Printers or Printers and Fax”
4. Locate the printer, right click on it and select “Properties”
5. Click the “Print Test Page” button
6. This should print a test page
7. If all the above little tips do not produce any resolve - please don’t hesitate to contact us on our form located at Service - Repairs