Upgrade your Printer to Green Printing

Besides making your Office much more efficient and cost effective, the LATEST OFFICE TECHNOLOGY offers dramatic advantages.

  • Energy Saving = Cost reduction
  • More reliability - don't fight with your equipment anymore!
  • Increase efficiency of your staff - more time available, to perform business tasks
  • Increase of Business bottom line

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All new Printing & Copying Equipment are essentially all in some form Power Savers and switch to idling (less Power consumed), when not used for a period of time. Power consumption therefore depends on a simple formula Power consumption = Usage - and is governed by a Law of Physics (OHMS LAW). 

Switching the equipment totally off is most likely not an option, but there is a solution where you can help - Learn how to GREEN PRINT and you can save many trees!

We invite you to download the MITRONICS PRINT RELEAF BROCHURE and have a quick read.

We can advise and show you, how GREEN PRINTING is possible. You can help by CLICKING HERE and we will be in touch ASAP 

The GREEN PRINT CENTRE at MITRONICS acts as the preferred central point for businesses, which like to take advantage of digital printing technologies and consider upgrading their outdated Printers and adopt GREEN PRINTING to help our Planet.

Less Paper = more Trees and this is exactly what Green Printing is all about!


Time is of essence and is high time for Australian Business and Governments to adopt GREEN PRINTING.

WATCH this VIDEO - Enjoy! The tallest Trees on Earth - born 160 million years ago


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