The LEAP Practice Management Platform is your completely integrated legal practice management software and legal accounting solution in a single application.

With exceptional data security, a huge library of guides, precedents and automated documents, take advantage of productivity boosting features included with LEAP.

Conveyancing Software

Conveyancing revenue is important to many firms but because it is largely fixed fee work under continual competitive pressure, efficiency is essential. The more efficient you are, the more profitable the work is. To do this, you need a outstanding productivity boosting system to help you operate smoothly and efficiently. LEAP includes a unique range of productivity resources for conveyancing practitioners, so you can focus less on administration and more on practicing law!

Family Law Software

The practice of Family Law is vital to the community and is an important source of revenue for many law firms. It is a difficult area of law where client emotions can run high. You need excellent support resources to stay focused on both the legal issues and helping your clients. LEAP includes a range of exclusive resources to help you operate smoothly and efficiently.

Litigation Software

Most firms offer litigation services and naturally, clients expect their lawyer to be capable of going to court! LEAP provides all the resources needed to help you with the processes and procedures of various State and Federal courts and tribunals you might have to deal with. Our exclusive range of resources will help you operate smoothly and efficiently.

Commercial Law Software

Commercial law provides an important source of revenue for many law firms. Most private clients seek a full service from their local solicitors. LEAP includes the LEAP Timesheet, provides you with all relevant information about a matter as you are recording your activity, including financial summary of the matter, the most recent activity on the file (particularly useful when teams are working on a matter), daily, weekly and monthly performance indicators and, of course every entry made and whether or not it is billed or unbilled.

The ability to find a matter immediately, start and stop the timer accurately and record time before a new matter has even been opened means you can record all daily activity on files with unequalled accuracy. If that’s not enough, customized Task Codes can be set to be automatically recorded in the matter Time-sheet. Auto-text and spell checking will eliminate millions of keystrokes per year and allow you to create accurate data for your bills as you work – no more duplication!

Wills & Estates Software

This area of law, often neglected in the past, is now one of the fastest growing areas of law. Whether you are a specialist or are starting to do work in this area, LEAP provides a range of resources to make your job easier. Wills are very personal documents, for the will maker as well as the lawyer. The administration of an Estate is detailed and time consuming.

To make that element of the work efficient, LEAP provides all the resources you need. LEAP includes special input screens for Matter Types associated with this area of law, which have been developed by Wills and Estates specialists, to provide all the documentation you would need to complete a conveyancing matter.

LEAP includes the following Matter Types:


Estates General

Family Provision Claims

Letters of Administration

Will Annexed


Survivor-ship Application


Single Person

Spouses and De Facto

Power of Attorney & Guardianships

Power of Attorney

Automated Legal Forms

The Matter Type input screens provides you with unequalled efficiency. Not only can you capture all pertinent information for each matter, you can use your matter information to generate documents with pre-filled client and matter information from our extensive range of forms and precedents. LEAP includes all the legal forms needed in this area of law. To boost efficiency, every form has been automated to use the information recorded in your Matter Type Input Screens to automatically pre-fill your client and matter details.

LEAP includes:

LEAP Wills & Power of Attorney:

More than 50 up-to-date legal precedent forms and letters for Wills and Powers of Attorney matters in NSW, including Codicils, Statements, Disclaimers, Statements and Revocations.

LEAP Estate Forms:

More than 180 legal precedent forms and letters for Estates matters in NSW, including applications, affidavits, caveats, guarantees, notices, statements and originating motions.

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