Non Profit Document Solutions

From membership retention and fundraising to volunteerism and outreach communications, Mitronics understands the significant challenges facing many non profit organizations today.

Our technology portfolio addresses such challenges by lowering costs, automating processes, and improving communication between church leadership, staff, congregation and potential members. We assist with choosing from the best suitable and most cost effective equipment available today to provide you with the Technology Tools to expand and enhance efficiency for non profit operations. We are proud to mention we have helped many Australian Non Profit Organisations by providing Office Equipment and assistance (in some cases free of charge). 


Count on Mitronics to maximize the technology that matters for your Non Profit Organisation.


Mitronics can help you:

  • free up staff time and increase productivity through easy-to-use enhanced document and imaging workflow solutions,
  • expedite the flow of documents with in church campuses and across satellite outreach facilities,
  • enhance all printed collateral to better educate and inform non-profit members of upcoming fundraisers, events, or other opportunites,
  • improve budget planning and accounting through access of financial records and documents in real time, and
  • leverage compatible cost-recovery systems to enable non profit administrators the ability to monitor, manage and better steward funds, tithes and budgets.

Many advantages to gotechnology with Mitronics for Non Profit Organisations.


Content Management

Optimize key processes by getting the right content—whether structured or unstructured, paper or electronic, audio or video, e-mail or photograph—into the right hands at the right time.

Workflow Management

Improve productivity and reduce time with customized and integrated workflows that combine multiple tasks into single processes. Create a seamless system of membership and assimilation through rapid scanning and document capture capabilities.

Graphics Printing

Deliver faster, more affordable high-quality color communications leveraging the latest in graphics print technology. Produce long-run service bulletins to short-run non profit communications that rival traditional offset quality—all in-house.

Mobile Printing

Offer staff and membership the power to print and scan 24/7 on any networked MFP from any location with wireless communications. Access and print emails, ministry information, web pages and more.

Cost Accounting

Non Profit organizations can utilize MFP account-tracking functions to assign costs to departments, projects, or individual staff

Services Mitronics offers:


Technology Consulting

Align important non-profit-related goals with technology through Mitronics consulting. We can help you assess and improve how your current document and information technologies are supporting your core requirements.

Network Management

Leverage comprehensive network services featuring Managed IT Services, Cloud Services, Information Security Services, and IT Specific Projects—all with remote help desk support.

Print Management

Optimize your print output through best-in-class print technology and the industry’s most responsive approach to managed print services.

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