How to Save on Printing


We at Mitronics are dedicated to making sure we reduce printing costs and increase productivity for our clients and customers.

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Proof before you print 1
Printer Properties 2
Different print quality (inkjets only) 3
Printing in greyscale (laser or inkjet) 3
Genuine Ink and Toner 4
Sign up for a Mitronics print plan 5

Proof before you print

Most programs come with their own proof tool to help find any spelling errors or mistakes made to save wasted ink or toner.
1. Click on “File”
2. Click on “Print Preview”
Always print preview this will allow you to see the final page before printing and any changes to be made will be visible. Then return by pressing esc to normal view. Page numbers can be added to the document to allow printing of selected pages or all.

Printer Properties

In the print window you will find the properties button which allows you to change various features of the machine.
The main features we will look at are print quality and black and white printing.

Different print quality (inkjets only)

Inkjet machines can print at different speeds which use up different amounts of ink and print out at different qualities. Please see the table below:
Print quality Draft Normal Best
Print speed Fast Normal Slow
Ink used Low Normal High

Some jobs need high quality prints for example pictures or high detail pages and some need low quality e.g. title pages, drafts.
1. Click on “file”
2. Click on “print”
3. Click on “properties”
4. Click on “print quality”
5. Change to “draft quality”

Printing in greyscale (laser or inkjet)

To save on ink or toner you could set the machine to only print out your document in greyscale:
1. Click on “File”
2. Click on “Print”
3. Click on “Properties”
4. Go to the “Colour” tab
5. Choose to “Print in greyscale”
6. Click on “Print”

Genuine Ink and Toner

To get the best quality and lowest cost per page your best option is to buy original manufacturer toner and ink therefore using what’s meant to be used in your machine.

This creates a double effect saving money and keeping your machine maintained. Mitronics recommends using original genuine cartridges for longer printer / copier life.

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