How to Print onto Labels


Most printers have the ability to have fed in them many different types of paper including labels, glossy paper, envelopes, greeting cards and more.

When printing onto labels please keep these points in mind:

• Feed the paper correctly
Its important that the paper is fed into the device with the label side facing the right way (follow the instructions on the tray) all printers are different so we can’t specify here.
• Template or software
If you are printing out on labels chances are you have to print out a mailing list. This means you will have a large spreadsheet or something similar which you populates the labels there are two ways of going about this:
a. Mail-merge
This approach gives you the most control follow the steps
b. Software
Often labels come with their own software or instructions can be found on their website.

This software will take you through the mail merge process and setup the documents for you.
c. Templates
The website which has the software will also have Word templates for use in Microsoft word.
• Pick the correct tray
To print out labels on some machines you will need to choose the bypass tray or document feeder for input.