Environment and Sustainability

We conceive business and our environment as interconnected and as one.

Mitronics Corporate initiatives, as well as our sustainable products and services, take real care for our environment.

Mitronics Environmental Action

Environmental management is an integral part of our business approach.

Mitronics Corporation customers have collectively offset the equivalent of 43,635,848 total standard pages consumption by reforesting 5237 standard trees on the PrintReleaf Exchange.

We’re proud of our environmental initiatives.

Recycling machines and parts

Mitronics is recycling machines and parts since many years. We don’t want our products ending up in a landfill and our recycling program covers end of life devices and spare parts from all our Brand-devices.

Since the program started, many tonnes of devices have been recycled into reusable materials.

Customer Recycling of Consumables

The Mitronics toner- and ink cartridge recycling program is free to our customers.

We encourage all our customers to join the Mitronics recycling initiative.

Join Recycling

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