FUJI XEROX DocuMate 4799 High Performance Scanner

FUJI XEROX DocuMate 4799 High Performance Scanner

- Brand: Fuji Xerox
- Product Code: DM4799
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FUJI XEROX DocuMate 4799 High Performance Scanner

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Versatility, high-speed and superior reliability makes the DocuMate 4799 a powerful scanner for demanding environments. With up to a 40,000 page per day duty cycle, this innovative workhorse scans up to 112 pages per minute and employs three advanced sensor systems: ultrasonic double feed detection, stapled document detection and intelligent feed control to ensure that your scan job will not be interrupted. Documents of various sizes can be stacked together in the automatic feed tray without concern because the DocuMate 4799 employs not one, but three ultrasonic double feed detection sensors to cover the entire width of a document. The scanner has another set of sensors designed to detect staples anywhere in a document. As soon as a staple is detected, the scanning process is halted — minimising damage to the optical glass and your documents. A third set of sensors constantly monitors the thickness of documents being fed into the scanner and automatically adjusts the roller pressure to ensure that all pages are accurately fed. This combination of sensors creates one of the most reliable feed mechanisms available today. Up to 350 mix-sized documents can be stacked in the center of the automatic feeder, this eliminates the process of having to organise your documents according to their size, so scanning is fast, easy and efficient. A pre- and post-scan imprinter is also available as an option to print text on the pages as they scan.


Quick Facts

  • 112 ppm / 224 ipm at 300 dpi

  • A3 (11" x 17") paper size • DADF holds 350 pages

  • 3 Ultrasonic double feed detection sensors

  • Create searchable PDF files to make it easy to find scanned documents

  • Pre- & Post-Scan Imprinter (sold separately)

  • Colour Space Compatibility with Xerox iGen digital press

  • Xerox FreeFlow Makeready Supported



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