Interactive Screens - Available in 60”, 70” 4K, 75”, 80”, 80” 4K, 90” 4K & 103” 4K

- Video Conference compatible Skype for Business, Cisco, Polycom etc.
- Touchscreen
- Commercial grade LED Display
- Camera optical and infra-red technology
- Driverless for Windows & Mac


Download the Classic-Brochure (PDF)

Download the Kiosk-Brochure (PDF)

Download the Pro-Plus-Brochure (PDF)


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The Classic Range of touchscreens remains Australia’s favourite classroom touchscreen. Classic good looks, including a sturdy aluminium frame, toughened glass and rock-solid reliability makes the Classic Range a winner every time.

Impressive from all angles

All Classic touchscreens incorporate the highest quality Commercial Grade LED displays, rewarding the audience with superior image quality, excellent viewing angles and brightness. Paired with CommBox Glide™ technology, they provide unmatched visibility from all angles in any light-filled room.

Experience 4K Ultra Screens in your Board Room

The Classic range provides superior resolution for 70”, 80”, 90” and 103” models at 3840x2160 @60Hz. With ultra sharp graphics and text, your presentations will create a lasting impression.



With the Interactive Table multiple people can collaborate and share ideas at the same time on an infinite electronic canvas. Make every meeting more engaging and productive with Capacitive touch for up to 10 people. When you’re done, print and share your progress at the touch of a button.

Download the Small-Table-Brochure (PDF)

Download the Tall-Table-Brochure (PDF)

Download the Stand-Specs-Brochure (PDF)

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