Which Printer-Copier is right for my business

How to choose the perfect Office Equipment

Laser or inkjet? Colour or black and white? A4 or A3 or A2 perhaps? A multifunction printer that scans and copies? Networking and WiFi? Maybe you need to print-copy 1000 p/month or 40000 p/month? Finding the right one for your specific needs, maybe extremely difficult and in fact it is.

There are virtually thousands of products on the market and without expert advice, most businesses are lost to come to the right conclusion. To purchase on a friends advice is not a good idea. You maybe lucky and find a Sales person, which really knows what he is talking about, but this is an extremely rare thing and as such very unlikely.

Mitronics has a Service Department, which relates maintenance data directly to Administration, Sales and all relevant staff, so the right expert advice can be passed on to our customers.

We carry all important and famous Brand manufacturers and their products.

Try our expert advice, no matter the size of your business - We promise you will not be disappointed.