What is the best printer & brand for my business

If you spend more than $1500 for a Printing device, you want to make sure your are getting the right machine for your Office

In principal there is NO BEST MACHINE to fit all! Every Business is different and so are the applications.


A particular business, let's call it Business 1, may need to print 300 pages a month, just in mono, whereby another business, let's call this Business 2, may need to print 10000 pages or more in color, as well as in Mono a month. Same type of business, but obviously of different size and print environment. If you would take now the advice of most Review sites, they would tell you -

" Our No.1 choice for a Laser Printer is Brand ******* - Product ******* " 

" Our No.2 choice for a Laser Printer is Brand ******* - Product ******* " 

Now let's assume that Business 1 and Business 2 would adopt this advice and go out and purchase the No.1 choice. Both businesses would purchase most certainly the wrong machine! Why? Simply, because both businesses have  different printing requirements and environments. Even if there was some testing of printing, copying, scanning by this Review Website done, which most likely was not performed at all, the tests would not have been made over longer time and therefore reliability and product performance under stress would have been totally disregarded.

Most machines perform well when first switched on, but what happens after some weeks of machine stress and high output printing? For the review site to determine "what is a good machine" it would need the infrastructure of a company like Mitronics, which has thousands of machines of different brands at customers and most importantly, has in-house service departments, which communicate and report back, and every internal department has access and for example, can see that a particular product is at 100 locations and had multiple repetitive problems or is at 100 locations and had hardly any problems at all.

Now this is the ultimate test, isn't it - how well and consistent does a device perform over time in the field, but that is not all! There are many other important factors to consider, when leasing or buying an Office  Printer-Copier.

This is why we want you to tell us, details about your business and your general printing needs, so we can put all our accumulated knowledge to good use and advice you best "what is really the perfect printing device for your office and business"

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