Umango Convert & Extract is a professional document batch scanning application for those who need to scan, index and store documents quickly and easily. Umango Convert is an application which is powerful yet easy to deploy, configure and use.

With seamless connectivity into products like Microsoft SharePoint, HP Trim, Alfresco and a world of other solutions, we provide a powerful platform to build your document imaging requirements around. The speed and accuracy in document processing that our products deliver, allow your business to access information quickly and easily.

Extract Data

Professional batch scanning for medium to large organizations who need to scan, index and store documents quickly and easily. Documents can be profiled at the desktop, on a supported multifunction device or on your tablet/mobile.

Umango Extract is a batch scanning application that delivers speed and efficiency in scanning, naming, indexing and storing of documents. Documents can be scanned from supported multifunction devices or scanners, or imported from network folders. Data can be extracted and profiled at supported multifunction devices or at a desktop PC. Once captured, the data and document can be routed into a range of office products. Using data extraction tools such as zonal OMR, zonal OCR, barcodes, keywords and lasso OCR, documents are quickly indexed, named and stored ready for future retrieval.

Umango can create a directory tree based on document index values and export in numerous formats including TIFF, PDF, PDF/A or text searchable PDF/A. If you have a database or document management system Umango can export the document indexing data directly or you may wish to export to one of our standard connectors or export methods. The application has been specifically designed to be easy to deploy and use across virtually any document scanner or multi function device. Umango boasts an impressive feature list to deliver flexibility and broad functionality for even the most unusual requirements.

Convert Formats

Automated conversion of a wide range of file formats into a unified file name and file format without requiring user intervention. After being converted, separated and cleaned, documents can be routed to multiple destinations simultaneously. Umango Convert is a document conversion and routing utility that runs as a Windows Service. Documents are triggered from MFP's, email attachments or network folders and converted into a range of document formats (docx, xlsx, searchable pdf/a etc) then routed into network folders or a range of office products.

Umango can offset your organization's per user software and support costs by offering one centralized point for file conversion. Embedded Options Whether it's a multifunction photocopier device, a scanner or a mobile phone or tablet we can embed the Umango functionality on the device. All the rich Umango features become available to you no matter where you're creating documents, scanning or profiling!

Ease Of Use

Getting the balance right between features and ease of use is of premium importance to us. Software should be a pleasure to use and enable you to carry out tasks with a minimum of training. Our customers tell us just that... At the MFP Select your job, scan your documents, extract their data and profile their details all at the multifunction device.

Set levels of automation so you only have to view the necessary information. Fast, easy and efficient!

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