Interactive Touch Screen Systems

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Zoom or MS-Teams meetings are dramatically different and amazingly effective with interactive touch.screens. It's not just hearing someone else or have their pictures displayed, but the interactive way - SHOW THINGS- DRAW THINGS - EDUCATE LIKE NEVER BEFORE - CONVINCE - MAKE A SALES - DO BUSINESS, THE LIST IS ENDLESS. Our INTERACTIVE products deliver a premium experience each and every time. No matter whether you are using Zoom, Skype or Blue Jeans, your team will be able to hear with clarity, experience crystal clear video and share content with one click.

Be ready for anything with CommBox Business Solutions.




Improve Your Presentations and Sales with an Interactive Touch System

Whether you’re using it for a meeting room in your office, to aid with student presentations in a classroom or training room, or any other use, a touch screen monitor is a very useful tool to have. It has a variety of applications, and is far more useful than a projector or a traditional monitor. Interactive touch screen solutions are the new standard for engaging audiences.


Interact with Your Touch Screen Display as Part of Your Presentations

Simply clicking through slides with a mouse is a thing of the past. Now you can interact with each slide by swiping in any direction, pinching your fingers to zoom, using two fingers to scroll, or pressing on media on the touch screen to open it instead of using a trackpad or mouse or you can draw on the screen to explain or drive your objective home. Digital screens open up a wide range of possibilities for how you can improve your presentations.


Interactive Touch Screen Systems are a MUST HAVE

If you have an upcoming conference, tradeshow, or other event and you’d like to use your interactive screens there, you can easily take them with you and set them up as long as you have access to an electrical outlet. Touch screens have so many practical applications that you can find something to use them for in almost any business or educational setting.





Trainees and Students Enjoy and Learn more by Using Interactive Digital Screens

Interactive touch screen monitors are much more interesting to use than books or manuals. They engage users in a way that other media just can’t duplicate. Allowing the students to physically interact with the information they are being presented with makes the experience more memorable and easier to learn. Touch screen displays are one of the best tools for any classroom or training room.

The Classic Interactive Touchscreen is designed for rich immersive class experiences enabling both the teacher led and student led class activities. Intuitive, responsive touch system means your teachers don’t need to learn more software.

One touch whiteboard and fully enabled stylus that allows you to annotate and write effortlessly over any content. With 5-year standard warranty and extensions available, Our Australian based team of engineers ensures every school is supported and empowered to succeed with CommBox. With built in eye care features, energy saving and buy back options that see old screens recycled, the Classic is the only choice for Australian Schools.



Buy or Lease Interactive Presentation Displays

If you’re interested in knowing more, contact Mitronics today and present or educate the new way. We like to help and make your presentations more engaging, more informative and drive more business.








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