Warning Signs to change Printer

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5 Signs it’s Time to Change Your Printer


The average office printer does a lot of work over the years. Unfortunately, printers will eventually break down, Parts will become unavailable, and new technology includes lots of productivity enhancing features you might be missing out on.  


Founder and director of Mitronics, Roger Amir, tells us, ‘you shouldn’t wait for a printer to break down before you consider an upgrade.’


‘A lot of productive time can be lost if you have staff waiting around for print jobs to complete.’


Here are Roger’s tips about how to know when it’s time to upgrade your office printers.


  1. Your print quality isn’t what it could be


Everything about your business should come across as professional and high-quality, which includes your printed material. If the printing you show your clients or prospects looks like it comes from a decades-old bubble jet, then it’s not going to make the best impression. Modern printers can produce high-quality prints in seconds, which can help your business stand out.


  1. Your office Has outgrown the printer


It’s easy for a growing business to outgrow the capabilities of a printer.  An office full of staff waiting around for print jobs can equate to hours of productivity lost every day. Specifications like page yields, print speeds, and paper capacity can all impact the efficiency of an office. Upgrade to a printer which can keep up with the pace of your business.


  1. Cost per page print is too high


As printers get older, cartridge prices go up, and this can raise your cost per page to unreasonable levels. Over two or three years, your costs per page may mean it makes sense to spring for a newer model so you can take advantage of cheaper cartridge prices.


  1. You want to take advantage of new technology

If you have had your printer for a while, it may not have many of the features which can considerably upgrade your productivity.


Mobile print and cloud-based storage solutions allow your mobile staff to print from anywhere and anytime via their mobile devices.  Printing from the cloud also removes the logistics problem of having a physical print server at the office and eliminate the IT staff hours to manage it.


If you’re still sending your print jobs from deskbound PC, then you’re missing out on a potentially huge productivity boost.


  1. Your printers lack security features


Older printers had no security measures in place. Without adequate security features, your office could be at risk of sensitive documents laying forgotten in the printer tray.


Upgrade to new technology and take advantage of the PIN authentication, print encryption, and password protected scanning. These measures will ensure that only authorized staff have access to the printed material.


If you think your printers are holding your business back, then it’s time for an upgrade. Contact our team at Mitronics today for the best advice in the latest printing technology.

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