Solutions to Make You Work Better and Faster

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How Smart is Your Office? 5 Solutions to Make You Work Better and Faster


Technology has come a long way in making today's office a lot smarter than it was a decade ago. Even though we may be a long way off from intelligent robots wandering the rows between the cubicles, there is still plenty of options available for making an office more efficient, productive, and smarter. Here are five intelligent office solutions possible right now that can help you get there.


  1. Streamline Your PDF Editing


With smart pdf editing, you can eliminate the need for manual handling. Scan the document in and watch as it is intelligently transformed into searchable characters that are also editable.

All PDFs are 100% industry standard, so they are ready to use. Even hyperlinks are transferred when you use Excel, Word, or PowerPoint to create the PDF.

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  1. More Intelligent Print Management with Equitrac


Seamless integrate every printer into your network with Equitrac, without having to worry about drivers, or calling IT for support. Secure Follow-you printing means you never have to risk leaving sensitive documents in print trays ever again.  Being able to print where and when you want will also significantly reduce paper wastage.

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  1. Need Smarter Software Solutions?


YSoft is like a software version of the Swiss Army knife. It's a scalable solution that can help streamline many of your office workflows, such as print management, document capture, 3D print management.

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