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Small Business Help - The Power of Leasing Printers for Your Office

There are a lot of financial and productivity advantages to be gained by leasing your office printers, but whether you do or not will depend on your needs and the size of your office. Here are a few of the reasons we believe leasing is the most sensible choice for the modern office.


You Keep Your Operating Capital

If you're a small office and a single printer covers your printing needs, then leasing won't make much sense. However, moderate to large offices will have more demanding requirements.

Keeping the office in printers can be a significant drain on the working capital, and most will need replacing or require expensive repairs in two or three years as parts wear out. You can keep your capital in the bank and have all the printing capacity you need with a single, affordable monthly fee that is easy to manage.


Always Have Up to Date Equipment

Maintaining a competitive edge often means keeping up with productivity improvements in office technology. Printing is an area where every year sees smarter, more efficient models entering the market.

A leasing arrangement for your printing equipment will give you access to the latest equipment without putting further strain on your resources. All you need do is keep up with the same monthly leasing fee, and every year you will be updated with the latest technology.


Printers Receive Regular Maintenance

Printers, like a car, have lots of moving parts that wear out and break down. Just like most people have their car regularly serviced and issues fixed before they become a problem, a printer can also benefit from regular maintenance.

All too often, the only attention a printer receives is when it breaks down, often catastrophically and without warning. A busted printer can bring office productivity to a grinding halt, which is always expensive.

Technicians may not be available immediately, and it could be days before you can schedule an appointment. If any parts need to be ordered in, then your office could be without a working printer for weeks while waiting for parts to arrive from overseas.

A leasing arrangement negates all the above problems. Regular servicing keeps the printer operating efficiently, and the lease agreement usually provides a guarantee that technicians will be on-site in a timely manner in the event of a problem.

Mitronics are Sydney's leading supplier of office and printing technology. A range of leasing arrangements are available to suit all printing needs and every budget.

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