Signs of an inefficient Print Environment

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Four Signs You Have an Inefficient Print Environment


You are not alone if you don't have an accurate idea of how much your current printing environment is costing your business every year; most companies don't. 

Chances are high, however, that an inefficient printing environment is racking up a lot of needless expense. If you notice any of the following scenarios occurring around the office, then it's highly recommended you review your printing processes. 


1.      Grumblings Around the Water Cooler


Have you noticed the conversation around the office water cooler has taken a turn for the worse? The water cooler is a sacred space in the office for staff to form personal bonds and catch up with life outside of work.

 If the water cooler has become a place for staff to offer condolences to one another about the state of their latest print job, or complain about the noise from the printing room, then it's time you took stock of your printing solutions.


2.      Your Printers are Long in the Tooth


Technology moves fast in the world of office tech, and your printers may be showing their age. When printers get old, the cost to keep them in ink and toner can skyrocket. If you paid five times what the printer cost for your latest toner refill, it might be time to upgrade.

 Old printers can also develop mechanical problems. If you are experiencing frequent paper jams, or your staff have to hand-feed the printer each sheet of paper, then it's high time you gave your local printer supplier a call.


3.      You are Going Through Ink and Toner Like Nobody's Business


On top of the costs of replacing toner cartridges, which are getting harder and harder to locate, you also have to buy more and more of them to feed your hungry printers.

 Old printers aren't as efficient as the newer models and keeping them around is costing you money. You will quickly recoup the cost of a new printer with cheaper refills and less of them.


4.      Printer Repair Guys are On a First Name Basis


Have you noticed the printer repair guy is greeting everyone by their first name? Does he show up at work functions, or do you often mistake him for a full-time employee as you pass him in the hallway?

 If the printer repair guy has become such a familiar face around the office, then you should seriously consider updating your printer situation.


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