Risks of Buying a Printer Online

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The Risks of Buying a Printer Online

 Purchasing online can be a convenient solution for shoppers. However, there are aspects of online shopping which can make it a risky venture for buying your next office printer. Here are a few of the challenges you may face with an online purchasing of a printer.


1.      You May Purchase a Printer that Doesn't Suit Your Needs


Images of a printer in your browser alongside a list of specifications are a great starting point for narrowing down your list of choices. However, you cannot guarantee the printer will suit your needs when it finally does arrive on your doorstep.

 For instance, how easy is it to change the toner or printer ink? How quiet is it when 'sit's working at full capacity on a large document? Is it straightforward to operate? These are all questions you can't conclusively answer when shopping online? If you don't have a dedicated printer room, a noisy printer can be distracting to an otherwise quiet office.


2.      Spend Too Much on Features You Don't Need


Printer models have tons of design variations. The variety can make your head spin when you have a bunch of tabs open on your web browser, and you are trying to compare apples to oranges. You could quickly become overwhelmed by a range of features you don't fully understand.

 Nothing beats good advice from experienced professionals who have expertise in the products they sell. Sales professionals will be able to guide you in your decision-making process while explaining any features on which you are unclear. 


3.      Shipping Problems


Online purchasing is great when it works, but it's a nightmare when things go wrong. Printers can get lost in transit or be delivered to the incorrect address.

If your printer is mistakenly delivered to a business across town, it can take hours of fruitless phone calls, and months to rectify. In the meantime, you have had to make do with the office clunker or are forced into daily commutes to Officeworks.

 Buying from a bricks-and-mortar business is a lot safer and more convenient when making a printing purchase. You will have solid guarantees that stock is available and have a point of contact should anything go wrong. Plus, the staff will be able to help you select the perfect printer for your office, whatever your needs may be.

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