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Real Estate Office Efficiencies - The Benefits of a Managed Print Solution


Real estate offices are a hive of activity and if yours is like most, you face the age-old dilemma of not having enough hours in the day to get everything done. A great deal of time and resources goes into managing your printing needs, but what if there was an easier solution?


Printing is one area which often gets passed over when working out cost-saving strategies. But, did you know that most Australian businesses are spending up to 6% of their revenue on printing? How much would you save if you could cut just one or two percent off that figure, how would you even manage those sorts of savings?


The answer lies in a managed print solution, but just not any managed print solution.  You need a solution that is customised specifically for your real estate office, as this is the only way to ensure you are receiving the best return on your printing investment.


There are three key areas where managed print solutions can help your real estate office improve productivity levels:


  1. Controlling costs

A single point of control for all of your printing costs will ensure you always have the resources to keep up with demand.

  1. Reliable printers that always deliver

A broken-down printer is a significant drain on productivity. By using a managed print service your equipment is regularly maintained, and small problems are repaired or replaced before they become bigger problems.

  1. Improve productivity

When you remove the strain of managing the office’s printing needs, real estate staff are free to focus on the more important tasks such as taking care of clients, bringing in new leads, and selling houses.


Does Your Office Need a Printer Upgrade?


Real estates can benefit from the latest printing technology. Here’s how you will know it’s time for an update:

  1. Lack of security – modern printers keep your documents secure through PIN authentication, protected scanning, and print encryption. Never again will you have sensitive information put at risk.
  2. Advanced print capabilities – If your printers are still tethered to a physical network, it’s time you took your printing capabilities to the cloud where you can print from any device, anytime, wherever you happen to be.
  3. Your small agency has grown into a big deal – Over time, as your business grows, your once capable printer may be having trouble keeping up with an expanding client list, and a growing pool of staff.
  4. Professional Print Quality – Modern printers are capable of high-resolution output for pixel-perfect reproductions and a professional polish that never fails to impress.


Mitronics – Your One-Stop Managed Printing Solution Experts

Mitronics may be your one-stop solution, but we are not a one-size fits all operation. Our experienced team of consultants will analyse your real estate office’s current printing environment.

The report will detail who is printing what, where, why, and how so you know exactly how much your printing is costing your business.

With over 25 years served in the printing industry, Mitronics is best placed to create a tailor-made printing solution so your agency can take advantage of the latest in printing technology. Our managed printing services are guaranteed to save your office time and money as well as improve productivity for all your team.

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