Printing Solutions for Aged Care Industry

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Printer Copier Scanning Solutions for the Aged Care Industry


The Aged care industry provides older Australians with a range of different services, allowing them to access appropriate levels of care when and where they require it as they age. In delivering aged care services to the Australian community, the sector is both a vital supporter of the comfort and dignity of older Australians as well as an important contributor to the Australian economy. Mitronics can tailor a cost effective and reliable Print environment ensuring a smooth workflow and increased profit. Here’s how Managed Print Services (MPS) benefits the Aged Care industry.

The Aged Care Industry, besides caring for elderly, is a business like any other. It has to make a profit to be sustainable.  So, everything in aged care should follow suit, including the technology available to providers and the communication systems in place.
The reality is that the aged care industry today is spending an even higher portion of their annual budgets on printing and document handling, and their fleets of printers, scanners and multi-function devices are often cumbersome, inefficient or outdated. Managed print services isn’t just some trendy time-waster, it's a way foraged care organizations to improve workflow and reduce costs in the process.

Not only that, MPS (managed print services) also helps protect an elderly persons right to privacy . A MPS solution offers protection of sensitive materials. In this way, MPS for aged care is a way to reduce risk, including risks associated with meeting standards, government guidelines, procedures and deadlines.

The Business of Aged Care: Managed Print Services for Aged Care. The organization and management of medical records can be streamlined with MPS. For example, Print Solutions like PaperCut help aged care organizations manage confidential and sensitive documents by holding those jobs in the printer’s queue until an authorizing person swipes or enters an ID number to release the job.

MPS can also play a critical role within organizations printing for these reasons:
Communication with aged care related to new policies, requirements and benefits
Ongoing correspondence with families, power of attorney's and third-party entities
Account documentation associated with a member of the Aged Care facility
Internal dissemination of updated policies, procedures and other processes for documentation

The Aged Care Industry is continually tasked with cutting costs in ways that don't diminish quality care. MPS is a strategy for doing just that. It supports the safety and security of the elderly while helping an Aged Care organisation  save money.


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