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Four Good Reasons to Fire Your… Printer


Every office has one. The noisy one, the slow one, and the one that never wants to co-operate despite lots of coaxing, and even the occasional threat. Eventually, things come to a head, and you start to wonder… is it time to let it go.


Here are four signs it’s time to fire your printer:


1.      Staff are complaining


Office morale is down and there’s tension in the air. You’ve also started to hearing grumblings around the office:


“The performance isn’t there.”


“Hard to deal with.”


At first, you will catch a few comments here and there and maybe a few grumbles in the break room over coffee. It’s clear to you that the staff aren’t happy, and something needs to be done.


2.      It’s really slow


If the line-up to the printer makes your office look like a Starbucks at lunchtime, then it’s a good sign that your printer has decided to take its time with the print jobs.

In short, the printer queue is spilling out into the real world, and it’s costing you money. It’s time for an ultimatum.


3.      Even the professionals are stumped


Professionals have done their best to coax the printer back into the action. After weeks of reviewing and monitoring, the results are clear; the situation has gone from bad to worse.


4.      The performance just isn’t there any more


After months of second and third chances, and hoping the performance reviews would lead to improvements, there’ only once conclusion to be drawn… it’s not working out.

It would be better for everyone if you made the switch to new, faster, more efficient model.

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