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New Office Technology Trends for 2021 

COVID-19 brought some changes to all of us. Office spaces have increasingly adopted wireless and digital technology to enhance productivity and office designs. The office of the future is set to embrace this ideal even further as companies increase their workers’collaborative power by moving the office to the residence of the employee and more of their data to the cloud. The office worker of 2021 will be untethered from the cubicle and productive both in and out of the office.


Here are a few technologies which we think will be the movers and shakers of office productivity as we move forward into 2021.


Cloud-Based Document Storage


Document management has always been a challenge for the busy office, so any strategy which reduces the workload in this department can free up many lost hours.


Cloud-based document management systems like M-Files means that staff are never without the documents they need to get the job done. Contextual storage using metadata makes finding the right document fast and straightforward, without having to remember difficult file names or the server and folder where it is stored.


Laptops Over Desktops


The desktop has long reigned as the king of power and productivity, but it came at the cost of keeping workers chained to their desks. Laptops have been the underdog in terms of performance, but advances in chip technology and miniaturization have changed the portable computing landscape forever.


Today’s breed of laptop has the horsepower to challenge the desktop and make the mobile office worker just as productive at home, in the Company office or out of the office. Generous mobile broadband plans also mean that workers have unfettered access to fast internet so they can get more done wherever their work takes them.


Interactive Screens


Interactive screens are all about interactive collaboration, and Interactive Screens promise to make every sales meeting or brainstorming session engaging and inspirational.


Staff gather around to share ideas, which is made possible with capacitive touch screens that can monitor the input from up to 10 fingers. When the meeting is over, it’s a simple matter to send the results to any wireless printer. 


The traditional office space is undergoing a technological and digital transformation. Make sure your company maintains its competitive edge by incorporating the latest in technology trends which promise to enhance productivity and collaboration.


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