Multifunction Printers Improving Your Office Security

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The Power of a Multifunction Printer in Improving Your Office Security


Printers can pose a risk to office security if not managed well. For instance, sensitive documents left untended in the print tray can be picked up by anyone with access to the printer.

 Multifunction printers with the ability to connect to the internet and perform a variety of tasks are a boon to office productivity levels. However,  they can also help to improve your office security with their enhanced operating systems.  Here are a few ways a multifunction printer will help prevent your sensitive documents from falling into the wrong hands.


1.      Security Software


Password protecting your print job is a secure way to ensure your documents only make it to the document tray while authorized staff are physically present and able to take immediate possession. 


Multifunction printers provide multiple avenues to securing your documents, including group, individual, and activity level access.


Whitelisting is another capability which prevents unauthorized applications from being installed and run on the printer’s operating system. Only approved files can be run, which is an improvement over traditional blacklisting methods requiring regular updates.


2.      Secure Socket Layer Connections


Network-enabled printers are vulnerable to outside hacking. Many multifunction printers are connected to the outside world via the internet. You can secure them against intrusion by using SSL encryptions when linking to them (or SSH if you require command-line access). 


Without the SSL security protocol, hackers may be able to intercept the data stream and gain access to sensitive documents.


3.      Access Control List (ACL)


One of the best ways to ensure your printer does not pose a security risk is to use ACL (Access Control List). ACL functionality gives you control over who can access the printer over the network or via the internet.


Many multifunction models have Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) or File Transfer Protocol (FTP) capabilities for printing remotely. However, if you don’t use these features, then turning them off could further improve your office security.

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