MPS - Achieve More with Less

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MPS Enables You to Achieve More with Less! 


BUSINESS ADVICE by Roger Amir, Director Mitronics Corporation


Even in the digital age, it’s difficult to imagine offices functioning without printers. They are a tremendous resource for facilitating professional productivity.

However, the reality is, that these beneficial devices can be a source of frustration at times. We’ve all experienced the stress of being unable to print a document when you need to because you’re out of toner or the device is down due to a technical issue that needs servicing. Or, have you suffered a case of severe indigestion due to the amount of your budget consumed by printing?

Issues like these are why schools, small businesses, and large corporations all turn to Managed Print Services (MPS). With MPS, you outsource the management of your printing environment to a reputable third-party provider, putting the day-to-day responsibilities that come along with your fleet in the hands of trained professionals. This includes managing and optimising your devices to maximise uptime, ensuring you have access to the right technology, and keeping your printers operating at peak efficiency.

These benefits will pay dividends both literally and figuratively across your organisation.

Here’s why:

Eliminate service and supply headaches

With Managed Print Services, printer supplies such as ink or toner are automatically ordered and delivered before you run out. Costly downtime that leads to bottlenecks in your workflows will be minimised thanks to routine servicing that will identify and mitigate problems before they happen.

Experience lower costs and predictable monthly billing

MPS provides a more cost-effective way of printing and makes the overall management of your print fleet easier. From identifying and eliminating redundant, inefficient, or obsolete devices and reducing your overall print volume by curbing or eliminating wasteful printing, MPS will lower your overall printing expenses by up to 30 percent. In addition, fixed monthly billing will enable you to budget more accurately while sparing you the shock of costly surprises.

Increase document security

Organisations across all industries and vertical markets are more concerned with the security of their information than ever and with good reason. MPS will help improve the security of your company’s documents through rulesbased printing - a practice requiring user authentication through a PIN or ID badge to release documents at the printer—and system monitoring that allows you to see who is printing and what they’re printing. Through benefits such as these and numerous others, Managed Print Services allows businesses of all sizes to achieve more with less.


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