HP A Major Player in Print Innovation

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HP: A Major Player in Office Printing Innovation


Innovation is key to staying competitive in a tough market, and HP is one company that always has your back when it comes to delivering quality products that keep pace with changing demands. Invention and innovation are the driving forces behind HP's development labs. In its 50 years, the company has managed to supply offices the world over with technology that helps organizations keep pace with a continually evolving technological landscape.


At HP's Immersive Experiences Lab, the research is all about putting people first and discovering how people perform with technology. By studying how people use and react to technology, HP researchers can then use what they have learned to develop the best user experience. HP recruit only the best and the brightest from a diverse range of backgrounds. Among the team, you will find designers, researchers, free thinkers, and prototypers. These are the personalities delivering the technology you will find in the offices of the future.


The team at HP don't confine themselves to the lab. Instead, they head out into the real world to see how the work is getting done. Their goal is always to find new ways to improve the lives of people all around the world. In short, they believe in getting their hands dirty and walking a mile in someone else's shoes. In this way, they develop empathy and a feel for how people are interacting with the technology they use every day. You could say that, for the people at HP, the future is their playground.


Mitronics is an authorised dealer of HP products and is proud to partner with a company which values the people that make an organization successful so highly.  The team at Mitronics have great respect for the innovations HP deliver to the office space year on year. Stop on by, where professional staff will happily answer any questions you have on how you can make your office more productive using HP technology.

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