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5 Reasons to Consider Document Storage Technology This Year


Are Your Office Documents Safe?

Every year sees more companies exposed to document management risks. Is your organisation one of them?

Here are five reasons why you should consider moving to more secure document storage technology this year.


1.      Security


Documents on a local computer aren’t much better than a paper version locked away in a cabinet. Unauthorized third parties can easily access them, and if a fire destroyed the premises, all documentation would be lost. Either scenario can bring even large businesses to a grinding halt from which there may be no recovery. Document storage technology provides secure solutions that allow access to only authorized staff, as well as keep all records off-site.


2.      Compliance and Tax Authorities


Ensuring accurate records are always available for tax authorities is critical to maintaining operations. Reliable, easily accessible files also help to remove bottlenecks and streamline the auditing process.


3.      Save on Physical Storage Costs


Large corporations using paper only systems require large areas of storage to keep their documents. Management and administration lose time managing such an inefficient storage system, and the risk that it could all go up in a cloud of smoke has already been discussed. Physical copies also pose a security risk should unauthorized individuals gain access to the storage facilities.


4.      Access from Anywhere


Digital document management systems allow staff straightforward access to documents whenever, and wherever they happen to be. While out in the field, a sale person without digital online access would be required to reschedule a meeting while they return to the office to retrieve a document. Time is lost, and profits are compromised because of the delay, which is easily remedied should the material be available at the touch of a button.


5.      Streamlined Record Management


Finding a specific document among thousands of records can be time-consuming. Searches often end up as fruitless wastes of time because documents are often filed incorrectly. Document storage solutions provide efficient retrieval methods using metadata to retrieve a document, not by where it was stored, but by the type of document it is. With a streamlined document storage solution, staff will no longer need to waste time hunting through hundreds, or even thousands of paper-based records.


Mitronics is a leading supplier of office technology solutions, including efficient and secure document storage solutions. Check in with their friendly, professional staff to find out more about how your business could benefit from a more secure document storage solution today.

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