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Are My Office Documents Secure? 5 Ways to Stay Safe


With bushfires ravaging one half of the country and floods threatening the other, thousands of businesses have lost, or are at risk of losing every critical document they need to survive.


Natural disasters, floods, and fires are a risk that all businesses face. Insurance may take care of the financial burden but losing valuable data and information can easily spell the end of a company.

With documents of all types now finding their way into the cloud, online security has also become a high priority for many businesses. Allowing critical information to fall into the wrong hands can be as disastrous to a company's profit margins as losing them to fire or flood.

Are your office documents safe? Here are five ways you can secure all your critical information, both offline and online.


  1. Storing in the Cloud

Scanners and multifunction printers have made it easy to scan and create a backup of every document, with many companies using some version of cloud storage as an offsite document storage system. Regardless of what happens to your physical documents, cloud storage provides peace of mind that you always have a backup copy.


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  1. Print Data Security

Did you know that with the right software, you can manage your printing efficiently, without having to worry about whether the drivers have been updated and always hassling IT to get a document printed?

Equitrac gives you unprecedented control over your printing needs. Its Secure Follow-You Printing system means that you don't need to worry about sensitive documents being left in the tray where anyone can see them.


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  1. Document Storage

Storage solutions like OneDrive and Dropbox may be adequate for simple document storage, but they don't come close to the features provided by M-Cloud.

M-Cloud takes care of your document storage by being able to work with whatever system you already have, including network drives and your cloud storage solution. Metadata added to every file creates unprecedented control and searchability. You don't need to remember where a file is stored, because M-File works by intelligently knowing what the data is, not on where it was saved.

The ability to add users and give them only the permissions they need ensures that all your documents are safe from unauthorized access.


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  1. Electronic Invoicing Solutions

Invoicing is one area where a business will benefit significantly from productivity enhancements. You can do away with expensive line-level scanning and OCR (Optical Character Recognition), and you don't have to change up the way you do business.

Achieve 100% accuracy with line-level extraction that doesn't cost any extra and integrates seamlessly with your current suppliers' invoicing solutions. You can also easily extract whatever data you need, as well as generate PDF invoices for emailing.


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  1. Managed Print Services

Printers that aren't working at 100% capacity are a liability, not an asset. Managed print services (MPS) take the frustration out of keeping your office printers working, managing paper supply, and ensuring printers always have ink or toner at critical moments.

With MPS, you can more easily manage your costs while also reducing the workload of your IT department and support staff. 


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