Benefits of a Managed Print Service

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3 Surprising Benefits of a Managed Print Service


Reliable managed print services can help reduce printing costs, maintain the quality of your printing, and create the potential for future savings. Many businesses are unaware of how much their yearly printing bill is, but on average, printing costs for most companies can reach up to 6% of their annual revenue.

Here are just a few of the benefits your company will appreciate when using a managed print service.


1.      There is good range of options available


Managed print services are customised to suit the organisation’s printing needs. An assessment is first made to determine what printing infrastructure is already in place.

 For a lot of companies, the results of the survey are a source of surprise. Most companies have little idea about what their printing costs are for the year. A detailed assessment reveals their needs and helps to find wasteful areas which can be eliminated.


2.      Better control over print costs


A managed print service creates a predictable level of costs. A standard monthly fee is agreed to by both parties. When old equipment needs to be replaced with new, the balance sheet does not take a massive hit because the monthly payments remain the same.

 Other cost benefits include always having an adequate supply of consumables on hand. Storing excessive amounts of consumables leads to wastage and extra expense, while not having enough can hold up projects and annoy clients.


3.      Hardware management is easier


Large organisations which don’t have a handle on their printing arrangements can have thousands of dollars tied up in non-essential printing equipment.


Managed print services ensure a business only has what they need to create a more efficient office space. The cost savings can add up when you include the cost of electricity on top of a reduced level of ink and toner cartridges.


Printers wear out and can be a massive drain on resources when it comes time to replace them. A managed print service means that a business can always take advantage of the latest technology without impacting their cash flow.


As old machines breakdown or useful features become available in new models, a managed print solution will ensure the upgrades happen regularly.


Mitronics are experts in creating customised managed print solutions for all types and sizes of businesses. Contact us today to organise a detailed printing audit and find out how you can reduce your printing costs and improve efficiency.

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