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Mitronics provides outstanding Printing Solutions for the Architectural Industry.


Architects and related Architectural Industries like Engineers or Draftsmen, historically require a variety of printing solutions. Besides the important accounting- and communication print devices , there is a need for reliable and scale-able Large Format Printer-Plotters, Mitronics offers the largest range of these printing machines in Australia.





The true strength of 3D printing is for custom design and variety, rather than mass production. Architects and architectural related industries should look closely at 3D metal printing and how optimized structural node designs can be custom-printed for certain points in the structure of a building. By reducing the materials in the node, one can reduce the weight and substructure to support the building and save energy. This is a huge advantage of 3D printing, as it can be very costly to produce these structures by other means, such as casting, and you could even print one-off pieces for repair and restoration work.


Mitronics offer the largest variety of affordable 3D Printers, Plotters and State of the Art Large Format Printers - Plotters, as well as top brand Office Laser Multi-functional Devices in Australia, and when combined with a Mitronics  Managed Print Service support program, you can go on with doing what you do best - go on with planning and designing, without the worry of lack of consumables, malfunction or total breakdown of the equipment, when a deadline is just around the corner.

Here’s how Mitronics can benefit the Architectural Industry

The Architectural Industry, is a business like any other. It not only has to make a profit to be sustainable, but needs to stand out, with submissions, which impress and aid in the process.  So, Technology in the architectural Industry should follow suit, by being up-to-date, reliable, cost effective and of the best possible and latest technology available today.

The reality is that the architectural industry today is spending an even higher portion of their annual budgets on printing and document handling, and their fleets of printers, scanners and multi-function devices are often cumbersome, inefficient or outdated. Managed Print Services isn’t just some trendy time-waster, it's a way for architectural organisations to improve workflow, impress with presentation materials and design, as well as reducing  costs in the process.

A Mitronics MPS solution offers the infrastructure to print when it's needed most, by implementing preventative service and maintenance, as well as automatic consumable replenishment and be available for service, when disaster occurred and help is needed most. In this way, MPS for architects, engineers and all related industries, is a way to reduce risks, including risks associated with meeting standards, government guidelines, procedures and client deadlines.


MPS is a strategy for reliable printing and substantial time and cost saving. It supports architectural businesses workflow, while helping an Architectural organisation to save money.


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