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The MUTOH VALUEJET  VC-1300 CUTTING PLOTTER is a 1320 mm (52") Vinyl Cutter and Plotter  

The ValueCut line of cutting plotters are ideal for home, office and professional users providing the finest cutting quality with unsurpassed tracking capabilities.  Choose from one of three models to suit your needs, VC-600 (24” cut width), VC-1300 (52” cut width) or VC-1800 (72” cut width).  All models come standard with a roll support system for easy handling and perfect tracking and multi-segment registration for long run cut job accuracy.  The VC-1300 and VC-1800 models also come with a floor stand and media catch basket, which are both options on the VC-600 model.  For price, performance, quality and service the ValueCut is the smart choice for cutting plotters.


More value for your money with the ValueCut cutting plotters from Mutoh
• Versatile roll support system  
- Allows for easy handling and ensures perfect tracking  
- Enables contactless loading of pre-printed rolls    
- Ideal to avoid damage such as scratches, to your freshly printed rolls
• Integrated laser-based optical sensors  
- Intuitive job recognition and alignment of contour and cut through data  
- Multi segment registration capability for accurate long run cut jobs
• Catch basket included on VC-1300 and VC-1800
• Two year limited warranty


The ValueCut 1300 is a desktop vinyl cutter that can also be optioned with a stand and basket. This cutter can be used together with any printer to cut printed self adhesive vinyl and films in widths up to 52" (1320mm) wide; as well as cut-only coloured vinyls.

Print and Cut at the same time for maximum productivity. Traditional all-in-one "print and cut" devices are considerably slower and force you to either print or cut. In a Mutoh workflow, you can do both at the same time.

Every Mutoh cutter ships with stand-alone cutting software, so you can even run cut vinyl lettering jobs, quite separately from your main print worflow.

The ValueCut series gives you the finest cutting quality with superior tracking of around 0.1mm deviation on a 4000 mm track.

ValueCut vinyl cutters are available in three models to match the most common needs:

  • ValueCut 600
  • ValueCut 1300
  • ValueCut 1800

With a Mutoh ValueCut you have all the features and control you need, including our unique job recognition feature that allows you to reliably contour cut your work without accidentally cutting the wrong job! In addition, our multi-segment cutting feature allows you to cut long jobs with superior accuracy.

Plot CAD and Engineering Drawings with any of the ValueCut Cutter Plotters. Simply pop out the blade from the tool carriage and insert the supplied oil pen. The ValueCut range support HP-GL and HP-GL/2 out of the box.

Standard Accessories:  
Cutting Holder
Spare Cutter Blade
Oil Ball Point Pen
SAi Flexi starter CD-ROM included  
Media Basket (optional on VC-600)
Media Cutter Cutter
Pad x 1
Roll media mount system



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