How to get out of a Photocopier contract

So you’ve decided, for one of the reasons below, that you are unhappy with your copier contract:

1. For financial reasons your business is downsizing or selling out and you find the machines within the business are no longer necessary or new owners don’t want to keep the machine.
Without acting on this in a short time you may find that your machines will become prone to problems and more service calls and cost more money to maintain. The cartridges or parts for your machine maybe discontinued.

2. Service and support is not efficient enough

Your employees will function less and this will effect the business. Not to mention your machines.

3. Catches

Often signing up for a photocopier contract will seem like the easiest thing in the world but when you get down to the fine print problems arise.

First thing to consider is a Mitronics print management plan, when looking after our customers we take care to make sure you get the most out of your printers and multifunctional devices.

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Mitronics will buy out contract. Remember to tell us you are looking for a buyout quote (we will adjust the deal accordingly).

Each contract is different and has to be looked at in a case by case basis

1. Carefully read the contract to identify any termination clauses
2. Discover what the conditions are for termination on the contract for example; early termination may require a written letter before termination date
3. Negotiation allows for both parties to walk away with a suitable outcome

Otherwise if not resolved it is best to consult with your legal advisor.