Electronic Invoicing Solution

100% data accuracy and line level extraction at no extra cost.



‘Mitronics’ electronic invoicing solution

Our Electronic Invoicing Solution eliminates the need for costly line level scanning, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) extraction and validation.

It's easy to implement, and does not require the supplier to change the way they invoice you, removing barriers to suppliers coming on board.

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Getting on board with the Electronic Invoicing Solution

Easily generate and email PDF invoices, and extract or interpret the data when you need it.

No technical or process changes

No software to install, no change to billing application, no change to infrastructure, no need to log onto separate portal, no change to current process, no duplication of activities.

Business Intelligence

Process your financial documents with smart tools that help you analyse and report via software or custom built apps.

Exception Management

Manage exceptions quickly and easily via a web portal, while we handle first level exceptions, so you can handle business-critical exceptions.

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