Are you a businessman or businesswomen managing one or multiple offices?

Want to know how tech savvy leaders better manage their time, save money and increase productivity using print technology? A little known system called, a Managed Print Service, or MPS, is the answer.

An MPS will save you time and money, also boosting business and employee productivity, by:

  • Allowing your employees to save time printing, scanning and faxing.
  • Allowing your employees to better manage maintenance support, so your devices and staff remain uninterrupted, allowing them to excel at their jobs.
  • Allowing you to decrease the number of printers you have (your printer fleet). This cuts costs significantly (in hardware and maintenance costs), saves office space and saves headaches.
  • Allowing you to send print jobs across different devices and different office sites.
  • Allowing you and your staff to share scanned print jobs (saving you money on memory).
  • Allowing your employees to keep up to date with the best procedures
  • Allowing your server, digital filing and archiving systems to be better organised and managed.

What else you need to know?

  • Most offices who migrate to an MPS save 40 per cent in costs.
  • It also allows you to minimize your environmental footprint, reduce your paper, ink and toner wastage (as the monitoring system tracks your usage and output, communicating to you proactively (unlike some other print solutions in the market)).
  • And lastly, most businesses find an MPS not only saves their business money on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis, but allows them to spend more time talking to staff, seeing customers, or building up that product or service they’re working on to bolster their profits.

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