Commbox Interactive Screens

COMMBOX Interactive Screens - Available in 60”, 70” 4K, 75”, 80”, 80” 4K, 90” 4K & 103” 4K

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The Classic Range of Commbox touchscreens remains Australia’s favourite touchscreen. Classic good looks, including a sturdy aluminium frame, toughened glass and rock-solid reliability makes the Classic Range a winner in Board rooms, Class Rooms and in the Retail Environment - every time!

Impressive from all angles:

All Classic touchscreens incorporate the highest quality Commercial Grade LED displays, rewarding the audience with superior image quality, excellent viewing angles and brightness. Paired with CommBox Glide™ technology, they provide unmatched visibility from all angles in any light-filled room.

Experience 4K Ultra Screens in your Board Room:

The Classic range provides superior resolution for 70”, 80”, 90” and 103” models at 3840x2160 @60Hz. With ultra sharp graphics and text, your presentations will create a lasting impression.

A smarter Investment:

By utilizing only the highest quality components, a CommBox Touchscreen has a 17 year life expectancy and does not require maintenance or replacement lamps.

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