Working out Toner Yields with Printers

"Yield" means - an amount produced by a product.
The cartridge will produce as many pages, on average, as described in the yield specification this applies to ink and toner cartridges.
Most printers or devices will come with software which allows the user to find out the toner levels as used. This software will warn the user when a new cartridge is required. This feature is reflected on the screen of a device.

There are a number of ways to find out the yields (pages they will print on) for a toner cartridge:

1. The first is to search on the web for a description for the toner cartridge, for instance, on our website you will find in the description for the toner cartridge the yield that the cartridge will print out on based on predefined standards.
2. Manufacturers (HP, Konica Minolta) websites usually have the yield on their toner cartridges
The yield specifications will be on the manufacturers website or packaging there will be a section for black and a section for the colours (cyan, magenta, yellow). In higher end production printing different colours will produce different yields.

Factors that will affect yields
• Printing in greyscale to preserve colour
A printer will not use any colours when printing out a page in greyscale therefore preserving the colour cartridges.
• Two sided printing
When printing on both sides of the page the device must reverse the track of the page to print on the other side.
This can cause wear on the toner and lead to reduced life.
• Humidity and positioning of device
Some environments will cause a printers yield to be reduced due to humidity in the workplace and other factors.
• Small print jobs
When printing smaller jobs the machine will be stopping and starting many times this will cause wear and tear to the printing system. Therefore reducing the full life of the device.