How to Print out Job Dockets


Job dockets, contracts, invoices or statements are documents and should be printed out carefully.

Things to note:

1. Multiple copies
These documents are often generated from ERP software and sometimes are required to be printed out multiple times, as more than one person will need to access these records. Multiple copies are setup up from your computer which is specified in the print window under copies.
2. Duplex printing
Suitable for contracts or similar documents where you have multi page documents.
3. Template printing
Templates can be generated for bulk printing of job dockets or tax invoices to be filled in manually.
4. Save and Print!
Remember to save your changes in a folder you can find at a later point and print from the file menu.
5. Scan and save
Remember to scan any unsaved document using your scanner so it can be filled and reviewed or emailed.
6. Consider moving to digital
With emails and cloud based servers, most invoicing and statements etc can be handled using web based applications, as this will save on printing and employee time, therefore delivering documents faster and cheaper