How can I print from my IPad IPhone and Android



Our electronic devices are the main tools for workflow in the office and at home. We conduct business from across the globe on our different devices. Don’t let mobile devices slow you down when it comes to completing a task. Let us break down the different ways to print for all of our devices.


How to print from your Apple device (IPad and IPhone).

Wireless printing is built into your Apple device using AirPrint. Just make sure your device and printer are operating on the same wireless network to begin.

Step one:
Open the page or content you wish to print and tap the “Share” button.

Step two:
Select the print icon and tap “next” in the top right corner. Swipe the screen to reveal the print button on the bottom row and tap the print icon.

Step three:
Select the correct printer and adjust print settings as needed. Tap “Print” to complete the request.


How to print from your Android device.

Easily print from your new Android device to any wireless printer. Just make sure your device and printer are operating on the same network. The software is already on your device.

Step one:
Open the content you wish to print. Tap the menu icon and select “Print” from the options.

Step two:
Select the correct printer you wish to print to. Make sure your printer and device is using the same wireless network.

Step three:
After selecting the printer, you can adjust the print settings. Once you are ready to print, simply press “Print”.

Printing from wireless devices is an easy task. Contact us today if you have any questions!!

Signs That You Need To Invest In A New Printer

Printers can be a very big investment for businesses but they shouldn’t be a big hassle. As printers age they tend to cause more heartache then success. If your printing fleet is giving you a hard time, you should know when its time to call a repair service and when it’s time to call it quits and buy a new printer.

Here are some tell tale signs you may need to reinvest in a new printer:

  • When the quality of print starts to look outdated and you see smeared ink and splatters, its time to upgrade your printer. Don’t let that printer make a mess of your hard work.
  • When your printer sound like a bad garage band. All printers make some noise but when your printer is so loud you can’t hear each other speak in the same room, its time to replace that machine.
  • If you can’t find the proper ink or toner because your model hasn’t been made in years or your ink cost more every year.
  • If you can’t print wirelessly or from multiple devices your printer is holding up your productivity and should be replaced.