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ColorJet Printers

Productive, high-capacity professional 3D printers.

Easily create high-definition, precise plastic functional prototypes and end-use parts. The MultiJet series of plastic 3D printers are ideal for creating durable, high-definition functional prototypes, rapid tooling such as injection molds and casting patterns, and end-use parts right in your office. This versatile range of workhorse printers is easy to use, with fast print times and easy post-processing. Parts made on MultiJet series are beautifully precise, with sharp edges and true-to-CAD fidelity. Efficient material use, low-maintenance operation and a five-year print head warranty means you can print with confidence and keep costs down.

Highlights ProJet 2500 ProJet 2500 Plus ProJet 3510 SD ProJet 3600 ProJet 3600Max
Build volume (mm) 295 x 211 x 142 295 x 211 x 142 298 x 185 x 203 Up to 298 x 183 x 203 Up to 298 x 183 x 203
Resolution (dpi) 800 x 900 x 790 800 x 900 x 790 Up to 375 x 375 x 790 Up to 750 x 750 x 1600 Up to 750 x 750 x 1600
Highlights ProJet 3600W ProJet 3600W Max ProJet 3600 Dental
Build volume (mm) Up to 298 x 183 x 203 Up to 298 x 183 x 203 Up to 298 x 183 x 203
Resolution (dpi) Up to 750 x 750 x 1600 Up to 750 x 750 x 1600 Up to 750 x 750 x 1600

Fine Feature Detail


  • Razor-sharp feature definition
  • Smooth surface and sidewall quality
  • Small, delicate features to large complex parts
  • Unlimited True-to-CAD geometry replication
  • No stair-stepping on curved sidewalls
  • Complete build orientation freedom
  • No support scars, no sanding
  • Paint-ready surface quality
  • Looks like injection-molded parts
  • Detailed part features, textures & patterns



Best-in-Class Accuracy & Precision


  • Tolerances down to +/-0.025-0.05 mm per 2.54 mm
  • Ideal for tight-fitting assemblies
  • Best-in-class for testing form & fit
  • Proven, repeatable performance
  • Precision fine-tuning  print setup software tools for optimising accuracy results for unique part geometries



Broadest Range of Functional Materials


  • ABS-like for tough applications requiring advanced durability
  • Polypropylene-like for flex applications such as snap-fits
  • Polycarbonate-like clear for see-through applications
  • Rubber-like composites for gaskets, hoses and other low shore/durometer requirements
  • RealWaxTM direct casting wax that work using ordinary lost-wax casting methods
  • Range of opaque colors like brilliant white and midnight black and other colors
  • Superior range of temperature/environment stability
  • Watertight – will not swell or absorb water
  • The only high volume wax printing for rapid direct-investment casting patterns using ordinary casting processes



Maximum Productivity


  • High throughput capacity
  • Fast, easy job submission
  • Quick print job turnaround
  • Part stacking & nesting
  • Fast, hands-free support removal
  • Remote mobile connectivity
  • Wide-pass print head prints full platform reduces print passes
  • Build more parts, larger parts in less time
  • Combine multiple parts in single build to support multiple projects without losing time.
  • High volume capacity meets peak production demand



Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


  • Most efficient material usage in 3D inkjet printing
  • Minimum maintenance requirements
  • Industry exclusive 5-Year print head warranty
  • Affordable  service plans


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